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Are you unhappy with the textbook options available for your class? Tired of trying to fit your curriculum to someone else’s textbook? Stuck with Digital Delivery and really prefer printed material? Alarmed at the escalating cost of course materials? Ever think about making your own custom course pack, study guide or lab manual, but not sure how to put it all together?

Consider working with Penntext Publishing & Print
We’ll help you produce your own materials:

  • Create custom anthologies from chapters of books, articles from periodicals, links to online content and from your own work (in any format). We secure all copyright permissions in advance.
  • Use materials that you design specifically for your class, instead of settling for expensive published works that don’t quite fit what you want to teach.
  • Choice of printed course packs, lab manuals, etc. or digital downloads of the same, for your students.
  • Lower the cost of course materials for your students.

Advantages of working with Penntext:

  • We’ll put your package together from your digital files, links to online content, hard copy pages from books, & periodicals. We proof, crop and organize all materials to produce a product you can be proud of. We can paginate & write a table of contents, provide proof copies for your approval before production, and desk copies for teaching faculty, all free of charge. We make it easy.
  • We will work with you personally and directly, and get final printed materials quickly to your campus store, even for late orders. We’ve built a long-standing reputation for producing & delivering…fast.
  • We’ve been at this for over 20 years, producing quality, affordable course packs, study guides & lab manuals and a variety of other print work for academic departments and university-level courses.
  • Include a royalty of your choosing, to you personally, your academic department, or to any entity you prefer, for each unit sold. This is a great way to help fund budgetary shortfalls in academic departments. We report complete sales data & royalty calculations directly & confidentially to you, each semester.
  • Our personal service & communication with you, and your campus bookstore, are superior. This is a “Mission Critical” component of how we make our service work really well for you, for the bookstore and for your students. We will provide references upon request.
  • We work with you to manage content and production options to determine approximate end cost to students.
  • Wide variety of options for paper color & thickness. Choice of coil bind, 3-hole punch with shrink-wrap, tape bind, or digital download as options for packaging & delivery of final product.

Please call or email us if you have questions or concerns. We can create an accurate and clear picture of how we can serve you and your class.

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